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The latest in dating tips, trends and the singles scene.

Lunch Date at Brookfield Place Toronto Financial District
First dates can be intimidating at the best of times. It’s Just Lunch matchmakers know this very well and they work hard on your behalf so that you feel more comfortable and confident on that first date. Selecting your matches is not just a job for our matchmakers, it’s their passion. They get to know you in order to find matches... More

Toronto Date at Art Gallery of Ontario
What constitutes art is quite subjective. Not everyone likes to spend time at a museum or an art gallery. However, if you enjoy visual arts, namely paintings, I think a great idea for a first date in Toronto is to spend some time at the Art Gallery of Ontario followed by lunch at the AGO Bistro, designed by... More

What Single Women and Men Really Want for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day—a time for hearts, candy, flowers, and confusion! Do we exchange gifts with someone we’ve just begun dating? If so, what’s the best present to give? And how much should we spend? Are flowers a must and where should they be delivered? Or is jewelry preferable? So many questions and so few answers—especially because men and women always disagree on Valentine’s Day. Or do they? The results from the It’s Just Lunch Valentine’s Day survey of over 1,400 men and women may surprise you! More

Dating During the Christmas Holidays
Dating during the busy holidays can be challenging! On top of your already packed schedule, you squeeze in shopping, office parties, and tree trimming—and somehow, you’re supposed to find time for your love life? Then there’s the fact that even if you do meet someone, starting to date at this time of year may prove awkward because of the many uncertainties inherent to new relationships. More

When it comes to love and career, it’s all too easy to prioritize one over the other. In either scenario, failure to strike a balance between the two could result in putting your relationship or your job in jeopardy. When you put most of your time and energy into your relationship, it could very possibly hinder your productivity at work. Similarly, putting your career first could result in your partner feeling neglected. Our It’s Just Lunch matchmakers have some great advice to help busy professionals strike a balance between their personal and professional life so they can achieve success in both. More

6 Tips to Get Your First Date Conversation Flowing
There is nothing worse than being on a first date and suffering through the awkward patches of silence as the two of you struggle for conversation. It’s the kind of experience that is so uncomfortable it could cause you to stress out every time you agree to going out with someone new. More

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